White Humpback Whale Calf

We had a very special visitor of the coast of Sydney today. An all white humpback whale calf. He had been sighted a week before in Queensland so we knew he would have to pass Sydney sooner or later, but WHEN exactly no one could tell.

The most well know all white humpback whale - Migaloo - also swims past Sydney twice every season, but so far we have not been lucky enough to spot him on our cruises. If you think about it, it is highly unlikely to encounter ONE whale out of roughly 15.000.

Especially during their southern migration, as adult male humpbacks tend to be quite far off shore and we usually watch mothers and calves as soon as they come through letting us miss out on some of the whales further off the coast.

With a calf it is a little bit easier as they are coming back south quite close to the shore, but still, luck is everything as they could come through at any time of day and we spend around 5 hours a day out there watching for it.

8L8V57708L8V57878L8V58278L8V58578L8V58708L8V5931 The funny thing is, i was very tempted to ask for a day off as my partner had a leaving do and i knew i woulnt be of any use the day after that. But as i hate missing out on things i knew the second i decide to have a day off i will get a phone call from someone on the boat telling me that Migaloo is jumping around the boat non stop - and that had to be avoided by all costs, so i didnt stay for too long and made sure i can go to work the next day.

Long story short, we got lucky and spend a good two hours watching "Mini Migaloo" cruising down the eastern beaches. We gave the guys from the Daily Telegraph a call who then send their helicopter out which ended up on the frontpage that day.

I was a bit disappointed they didnt choose one of my pictures, but you cant beat this one.

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