20.08.09 Killer Whales!

On Tuesday we had a very rare Sighting of Orcas / Killer Whales. As far as i know that was the first sightings of killer whales on a whale watching boat around here in years.
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20.08.09 Where have all the dolphins gone?

bottlenose dolphin

Im not to sure if im right, but there seems to be less dolphins around the coast of Sydney than last season. We used to have quite a number of dolphins on most of our trips ( maybe 50% or so )

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20.08.09 Bird Picture of the Year
Bird Picture of the year

what you guys see here is probably the best bird picture ever taken by mankind! =)
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06.07.09 First Double Breach
Double BReach

Yesterday we had our first double breach of the season! They are very very rare to see! Last season i remember only 1 double breach close to the boat and a couple in the distance.
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