23.09.09 Dust Storm in Sydney
Dust Storm in Sydney

Today we had to cancel our whale watching trips. There is a dust storm over Sydney at the moment reducing visibility down to 10m or so. Conditions like that make it impossible to spot whales in the ocean =)
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03.09.09 Missing Things
There wont be any pictures in this post!

This is a post about the rare moments in time were my Canon 1d mk iii fails to send a signal to the processor. No mechanical release allows the mirror inside my camera to pop up, no light is falling onto the censor, storing 10 pictures a second at the highest jpg setting with a little bit of extra sharpening onto one of my two 8 GB memory cards. There is no signal because i did not press the shutter button.
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30.08.09 My First Mugging of the Season

Welcome to August, where everything can happen!

why is that you might ask? Well there is the last whales swimming north and also the first whales swimming south again. In terms of whale activity like breaching there is a slight difference in what time of the year you come on the boat: on their northern migration ( May - Late August ) whales do jump quite a bit and do other stuff like tailswipes, head lunges and and and...

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25.08.09 Bits and Pieces
Dolphins are back

first of all i was wrong about the dolphins! We do get quite a few around the boat now, which is nice to see obviously. Im still waiting for the perfect dolphin shot this season just yet.

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