First trip of the season

Sunday, 17 May 2009 07:59   

Yesterday we had our first trip of the season. It was the first time for me to go out on our fast little boat Totally Wild. And i can tell you, its bloody fast!!

we left darling harbour around 3pm, cruising through the harbour when we spotted some Bottlenose Dolphins on our way to the heads. There must have been around 15-20 of them, some bow riding the pressure wave of a ferry going to Manly.

Bottlenose Dolphin Jumping Infront of a ferry

Bottlenose Dolphin

After a couple of minutes with the dolphins we ventured out into the open ocean on our mission to find the first whales of the season. Basically at the beginning of the whale migration all whales come from the south making their way to warmer waters up north to give birth and to mate, so usually we go south to meet them head on. We also had a spotter sitting on the cliffs 70m above sealevel to help us spotting. Unfortunately we didnt have a confirmed sighting of a whale at that stage, so all we could do is go as far south as possible and run into some whales.

We reckon that there are around 4-5 whales passing Sydney each day at the beginning of the season, so there would be some whales somewhere at some point, all we had to do is being at the right spot at the right time.

Of course given a time frame of around 90min in the open ocean we have to be a bit lucky to get a whale passing sydney in that time. But whale numbers will pick up daily so it becomes easier to find them. Record day of whales passing Sydney last year was around 70-80 as far as i remember. but even then it is possible to drive into a patch without whales. But in general we find whales on 99% of our Trips, if we dont you can come back for free.

So first trip of the season we have been unlucky, but we do it every day and we are quite good at it! Ill be on the next trip trying to get that first whale shot of the season, fingers crossed!

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