Whale Activities Explained

  • Whale Guarantee

    B - Breach

    The whale is jumping out of the water, sometimes clearing it completely. Very spectacular!

  • Head Lunge

    HL - Head Lunge

    Similar to a breach, but without the rotation slamming their heads down, landing chin first.

  • Commentary

    TS - Tail Slap/Swipe

    Quite an explosive move throwing its tail stock around or slapping its tail on the surface

  • we are the experts

    FD - Fluke Up Dive

    A fluke up dive is when a whale is lifting its tail out of the water when it dives down

  • Mugging

    M - Mugging

    A whale is mugging the boat when it comes right up to us to have a closer look. We cant manouvre during that time.

  • Spy Hop

    SH - Spy Hop

    A curious move, slowly lifting its head out of the water to have a look around. Usually happens during a mugging.

  • Pectoral Slap

    PF - Pectoral Slap

    The whale is slapping its very long pectoral fin on the waters surface. usually the whale rolls on its back.

  • Feeding

    F - Feeding

    Very rarely seen off the coast of Sydney, but does occasionally happen.

About Our Sightings Page

We update our sightings page daily with a picture from each sighting so you get a good idea of how our cruise has been. Also have a look at our facebook page which can feature photo albums and videos of each cruise. Our success rate is close to 100%.

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